Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is My Game? Muzz, Sodemort, Djoker and Ljubs

Head presents a new series of commercials: What is My Game?

Wobin Sodermort says his game is classical just like his Prestige stick.

But we all know it's pretty simple: see ball, hit ball (as hard as possible).

The Djoker claims running every down ball and accelerating aggressively into his shots like the Speed is his game.

But we all know it's about flirting with the ladies: Caro, Ana, Petko, etc.

Old Man Ljubs claims to like extreme spin and power, but he's anything but that.

Muzz loves to surprise people with the variety of strokes from his Radical.

Yawn! Such a bore!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

A belatedly late happy birthday to ye old blog. Its first post was almost a year ago on March 3.

More importantly, it's Spring time, and like the first buds of tulips poking out of the ground, the tour moves from (mostly) indoor arenas to outdoors in Indian Wells.

This happens in a cold indoor court in the middle of winter:

Not so much full of win.

Getting this close to seeing players practice is full of win.

It turns out the pros just love the relaxed atmosphere of Indian Wells too.

A toast for more shanked ground strokes! If a pro shanks a ball, you can too!