Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australian Open 2011: Semifinals Picks

For the women, I'm calling

  1. Nails d. Caro because Nails does everything Caro does but better. She just needs to keep her head together, and all signs point to that

  2. Kim d. Bepa because Kim can handle the big moments better and batten down the hatches despite a leg strain

  3. Your Aussie Open 2011 Women's Single Champion: Nails! Because it would be awesome for 1.3 billion Chinese

  1. Mandy d. Ferru: It's a hard court, it's not in England, and Mandy is playing calmer.

  2. Fed d. Djoker: The last time the Djoker beat Fed, the Annacone effect hadn't fully taken, and Fed was looking too far ahead to playing Rafa the next day. He won't make that mistake again.

  3. Your Aussie Open 2011 Men's Single Champion: Fed for the 17th time! And we'll see the him try to chase The Mighty Babes across Rod Laver Arena, and he'll turn into a blubbering dorkball that we all know that he is

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