Wednesday, May 5, 2010

OMG! They Won A Match!

Miss Ajde Fistpump won her 3rd match in a row, beating my pick for Rome, LenaD.

Best comment was by Matt Cronin:

"Hi Jelena. Oh, it's you Ana, I really thought Demenetieva played badly today. Good u don't have to play Venus like I do'

I didn't catch the match but according to some who did, she's playing a higher percentage tennis with more net clearance and spin. This could be taken as anything from boring grinding to pushing. Still given her inconsistency over the last two years, this is probably what the doctor ordered. For exhibits on how far being "regular" can take you, see Rafa, Caro, ARod and Muzz. If you want to go back in history, see Rosewall, Borg, Vilas, Lendl and Wilander. At some point, she'll probably have to relearn when to go for the kill. But if I were Herr Gunhardt, let's just wait til she gets back in the top 20. She needs some Ws to climb the rankings ladder.

NaturAna faces Nads next. She has nothing to lose as she has already had a great tournament. Ana, whether or not you win or lose tomorrow, just repeat and rinse consistency next week and you'll keep your fans happy. Update: now her fans are going apeshit as she beat Nads 2 and 5 to advance to the semis to face the cunning Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez. She actually has a chance to get to the finals!

This douchbag is a lot further up the rankings ladder.

He comfortably beat the fastest man that Agassi has ever played, three and four. Phau's best chance was when he had triple break point in the 1st set when Fed was defending his service break. But as we've come to expect from Fed, he stepped up and saved all the break points to hold serve.

It isn't supposed to be a shock for him to win a match but looking at his recent losses, it is. After winning a certain hard court tourney in Oz and then getting a lung infection, he has had an uncharacteristic W-L record of 1-3. In two of those losses he failed to convert match points. In the last of those, Gulbis Inc. and the RF Charity traded service breaks at the end of the 3rd set. Perhaps he got enough of the evil eye from Mirka, a certain portion of his fans or even Bozo. Whatever. The Greatest Shanker of All Time ought to remember: "Hey, I'm Darth Federer. Winning tennis matches is just another day at the office for me." Keep it up Fed, and you won't have to mail Le Coupe des Mousquetaires to Mallorca.

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